An urgent appeal to Western countries, save potential victims of the Taliban – the women, human rights activists and media people from Afghanistan!

     We, former senior government officials, ambassadors and former members of the defense establishment, high-tech and communication professionals, scientists and researchers, writers and artists from all walks of life and creativity in Israel, express deep shock and concern in the face of the harsh images of the Taliban's occupation of Afghanistan.

     Recent news indicate the concentration of unmarried women aged twelve to forty-five, to be used as war trophies, to satisfy the needs of Taliban fighters, as well as the execution of human and civil rights activists.    

As members of the Jewish people, who 77 years ago knocked on the doors of the free world seeking refuge from its destruction by the Nazi, we cannot remain indifferent in light of the cry for help from the women and men, the citizens of Afghanistan

We call upon the leaders of the free world, including Israel, to come together and send an airlift that can take on women and girls, human and civil rights activists, members of the media, in order transfer them to places of shelter.     

Hurry up! Every passing hour brings the Afghan people closer to humanitarian catastrophe and to fatal abuses of human rights

  1. Prof' Niv Ahituv
  2. Orna Akad, director and playwriter
  3. Yossi Alfi – poet and theatre person
  4. Ruti Alon, Medstrada, Founder and CEO
  5. ‏Colette Avital, former ambassador and member of the Knesset
  6. Daniel Carmon,former Ambassador to India and SriLanka
  7. Opher Aviran, former ambassador
  8. Prof. Elisha Bartov
  9. Tom Baikin-O'hayon, writer
  10. Yinon Ben-Neriah, MD-PhD
  11. Orna Berry, Ph.D.
  12. Barukh Binah
  13. Dafna Holz Lechner, Adv.
  14. Nurit Binah, Architect
  15. Maya Buenos, Theatre
  16. Prof. Rivka Carmi
  17. Prof. Yadin Dudai
  18. Dr. Rina Dudai
  19. Prof. Yuval Dor
  20. Seffy Efrati
  21. Tamar Elkeles
  22. Esty G. Hayim, writer
  23. Prof. David Harel
  24. Yoav Itamar, poet adn playwriter
  25. Prof. Daphna Joel
  26. Judith Katzir, writer
  27. Alona Kimhi, writer
  28. Ron Kitrey Brig. Gen. (Ret.)
  29. Brig Gen (res.) Offer Lapidot
  30. Motti Lerner, playwriter
  31. Guy Meroz
  32. Daniella Michaeli, Theater Director
  33. Arlette Mintzer, poet
  34. Uri Mor, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
  35. Hillel Mitelpunkt, playwriter
  36. Prof. Fania Oz-Salzberger
  37. Meli Polishook Bloch, former member of the Knesset
  38. Dalia Prashker
  39. Prof.Francis Radai
  40. Ze'ev Raz
  41. Yoval Rechavi
  42. Dr. Diti Ronen
  43. Dr. Amalia Rosenblum
  44. Oz Rotbart, poet
  45. Tamar Samash, former ambassador
  46. Prof Yigal Schwartz
  47. Zeruya Shalev, writer
  48. Ilan Sheinfeld, poet and novelist
  49. Shez, poet
  50. Rochel Sylvetsky, Orot Academy
  51. Joshua Sobol, playwriter
  52. Nava Swersky Sofer, Adv.
  53. Yeshayahu Tadmor, Prof. Education
  54. Prof. Yoed Tsur
  55. Nira Tuval, CEO of the Hebrew Writers Association
  56. Sara Von Shwartze, actress
  57. Dr. Laura Wharton
  58. Prof. Shimon Yankielowicz
  59. Noa Yedlin, writer
  60. Esti Zakheim, Actress
  61. Chanochi Zaks, writer

+ 55 more


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