In the twenty-first century, most human beings strive to live their lives quietly, without having to take a stand, take sides or prove their loyalty to one regime or another. These lifestyles, of subjects in a monarchical or dictatorial society, are a thing of the past.

     When leaders like Putin seek to establish their power in the occupation of neighboring countries, they threaten not only the peace of their neighbors, but also the freedoms of the individual in those countries. They seek to pull humanity back, to a totalitarian rule that oppresses the individual. These are things that cannot be agreed upon, and every sensible person in a democratic state should raise his voice against them.

     It is not acceptable that the imperial thought of an individual will bring about the destruction of nations and individuals. Putin's current practices in eastern Ukraine to fuel a local conflict, which would be an excuse for invading and occupying Ukraine, are transparent. These are despicable practices, no longer worthy of human society. A Russian invasion of Ukraine would pose a clear threat to the Western democracies and their citizens, as well as to the young states, which have just emerged from the clutches of the totalitarian collectivism of the Soviet Union, returning and threatening to devour them.

     Breaking frames is necessary for any creative action. But what Putin wants to do, break through existing agreements, like the Minsk 2015 agreement, shake up and change the existing world order, set new facts for all of humanity, these are unacceptable things, which will not lead to creation, but to destruction.

     In the face of Putin's regressive, nationalist and totalitarian conservatism, the West must fight for its values and political dominance as well as its validity and survival. It is desirable that this struggle be without bloodshed. But as a result of diplomatic efforts with Russia, it seems difficult for the West to achieve anything but military opposition to Putin's steps. The United States and the NATO alliance must stand firm against Putin's attempts at imperialism, and make it clear to him unequivocally that an aggressive move on his part will endanger his rule and his country.

     In this situation, too, Israel has a moral obligation to emerge from its dual, cautious and ambiguous position vis-à-vis Moscow. Israel cannot remain neutral while the future of young democracies in Eastern Europe at risk. There is also no excessive wisdom in this. Russia embraces us on the part of Syria, and is part of the axis of evil that includes China and Iran. And as my friend, the author Limor Moyal, added to me, once a strong and powerful state makes such a move on a weak and helpless neighboring state and the enlightened world (in the form of the United States and the NATO alliance) moves on to the agenda a dangerous precedent is set.

     If Putin succeeds in Ukraine, China will do it in Taiwan and Iran will do it in Lebanon. Thus, before we understand what happened here, we will find ourselves in World War III. Then, not only the Ukrainians, but also the Israelis may find themselves as refugees under fire. Therefore, the State of Israel must decide where, on the map of the world order, it wants to be. Israel needs to make it clear that it opposes any such aggressive move on the part of Russia, because Israel itself might become one of the next in line.


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